Industries Served

Life Sciences

Life Sciences industries require the highest level of manufacturing intelligence and product integrity. We have worked extensively with Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries and their equipment suppliers to help solve their automation needs. We have implemented following applications.

  1. Batch Systems
  2. Continuous Systems
  3. Bioreactor
  4. MPT's
  5. Fermenter
  6. Industrial Water
  7. CIP/SIP
  8. Solvent Recovery

Software Product:

We have executed the system's User interfaces comply with the electronic Batch record and US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 — The FDA Code of Federal Regulations standard for electronic records and electronic signatures.


Put the information you need at your fingertips when you need it. With the use of Rockwell software of Historian to collect time-series data and with Vantage Point all you need is web browser to view published reports, dashboards. Our clients where we have implemented this reporting and data storage solution have benefited immensely in terms of maximizing productivity and minimizing cost.

Data Integrations and monitoring:

In pharma industry, there is a strong need of multi-vendor PLC communications for faster control, reduced cycle times and to support higher levels of secure data transfer for control as well as reporting purpose. With the use of open field buses gateways and its configuration, we have provided solution necessary to integrate these multivendor PLCs.

Documentation and Validation:

Standardized Validation protocol aligned with GAMP standards has been developed, which includes Installation Qualification (IQ), Operation Qualification (OQ), Performance Qualification (PQ) etc. We also provide assistance during validation of your automation system


a)The brewery industry is very diverse, requiring various processes and applications. Whether your process demands continuous, batch, discrete, or SCADA applications, ICS is able to deliver exceptional solutions providing the highest level of performance, flexibility, and ease of use at the lowest life-cycle cost of ownership. We offer automation solutions for all process areas in a brewery such as Raw Material Handling , Brew house (LT or Mash-filter based), Fermentation, storage cellars, Yeast management / Yeast propagation, Filtration, Bright Beer Area, CO2 recovery, CIP, Cooling plants, Water treatment, Wastewater plants, etc.

We have provided solutions for our customers, utilizing a diverse mix of technologies. These include software and hardware that range from PLC controls to large distributed control systems as part of closed-loop processes, blending, batching, heating, grinding, cooling, material transfer, energy management, alarm management, database management, special reporting (Brew Card & Cellar reports).

we have provided automation solutions to almost all reputed brands of Beer in India.


Distillery is classified as a hazardous area and Analogic Automation are equipped to provide a wide range of measurement and automation solutions including software design and integration, hazardous area and safety critical application of instrumentation and control systems. With the support of our proficient workforce, we are regarded as one of the most prominent supporter and suppliers of automation solution. We have given automation solutions for fermentation, liquefaction, distillation and Ethanol with Evaporator and Dryer for distillery effluents.

We offer wide range of PLC, DCS and SCADA solutions from small to large I/O’s of Distillery. Our primary consideration is to provide a flexible and upgradable system, increased productivity and efficiency of our client.

Analogic Automation has successfully undertaken numerous/150+ projects in and around the distillery industries both in the India and overseas and have a proven track record of quality and success.


Food, Dairy, Beverage processing are the core industries, we have been serving for years. ICS has experience and the resources to support the design of PLC and HMI/SCADA applications for process control, process monitoring, data integration, and reporting to help customer in improved plant performance, product safety and quality consistency.

We have expertise in offering control solutions across all the processes including Homogenization, Pasteurization, Sterilization CIP, Ice cream and in handling process complexities of multiple tanks transfer systems in dairy and beverages industries.

Dairy Plants Automation including milk processing, yogurt processing, Ice cream processing. Beverage Plants –Automation for Juices, Energy drinks, Cola, Soft drinks manufacturing.

We offer automation system and services for

  1. Clean in place systems (CIP)
  2. Pasteurization
  3. Batching system
  4. Continuous Sugar dissolving unit
  5. Aseptic steriliser
  6. Driers
  7. Beverage & dairy processing
  8. Aseptic packaging


HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) is important in the design of medium to large industrial and office buildings like Life science & pharmaceutical industries. Where safe and healthy building conditions are regulated with respect to temperature and humidity, using fresh air from outdoors. In HVAC the major units are AHU (Air Handling Unit), Exhaust unit, Ventilation Unit, CAV (Constant Air Volume), VAV (Variable Air Volume). We have developed the PLC based BMS solution based on our experience & knowledge specifically in life science industries.

Turnkey Automation Solution:

Our turnkey solution spans all phases starting from concept design to installation, programming & testing to customer training.

Turnkey Project scope:

  1. Project management.
  2. Writing the function design specification.
  3. Creation of electromechanical engineering drawings for electrical cabinet, MCC, Control desk etc.
  4. Creation of drawing for field devices, cable tray layout etc.
  5. Supply of automation hardware, field devices, sensor, transmitter, cable, cable trays, Installation material etc.
  6. Process software development, SCADA, Integration with existing PLC’s.
  7. Field installation, Commissioning of the entire System, Factory Acceptance Test,
  8. Site acceptance test/Client acceptance test, Client training, Documentations (21CFR Part 11).
  9. After SALES support services, Annual maintenance Contract.

For details study please refer Serum project case study in HVAC application.