Automation Solution

Plant Automation

Process automation simplifies this with the help of sensors at thousands of spots around the plant that collect data on temperatures, pressures, flows and so on. The information is stored and analyzed on a computer and the entire plant and each piece of production equipment can be monitored on a large screen in a control room.

Plant operating settings are then automatically adjusted to achieve the optimum production. Plant operators can manually override the process automation systems when necessary.

SRP Automation

Solvents are often the primary waste company in API and drug processes, and solvent recovery is routine when it is environmentally and economically feasible.

PSG System

Clean steam is used in the Pharmaceutical and healthcare industries in process where the steam of its condensate can come into cotact with a Pharmaceutical or medical product and cause contamination. in such cases steam from a conational boiler is unsuitable because it may contain boiler additives , rust or other undesirable materials . The use of clean steam is determine by the rule of GMP ( Good Manufacturing practice ) .These are general rules applicable to Pharmaceutical manufacture detail in the code FDA CFR 21 .

FURNACE Automation

Furnace Automation implements real time control of the heat production. Their common purpose is to optimize the fuel use for maximum efficiency while fulfilling the quality requirements for the heated stock. However, they are essential both for energy efficiency and product quality and are therefore included

HVAC Automation

HVAC control systems work by regulating the temperature in a particular room or building. Since cooling, ventilating, or heating up a room can be costly in terms of energy; it becomes crucial that homeowners, building owners, and administrators all learn about the best ways of regulating temperature controls within their premises. That way, desired levels of comfort will be achieved while simultaneously cutting costs.

When installing Houston HVAC control systems or servicing a commercial heating and cooling system, contractors are often asked to explain what an HVAC system is and how it works. HVAC is shorthand for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Together, these components work to make the temperatures inside a building more comfortable for occupants while “conditioning” the air’s quality. Here is a breakdown of how the entire system works.


Centralized data monitoring is a facility to indicate and continuously data logging of more than one plant parameter at one system which is easy collect the data from signal system.


Water is life so treatment of water is major task and effluent treatment plant automation is a great solution for that.

Auto Layer Separation

Layers of liquid Separated through auto layer separation on the bases of conductivity and minimize the wastage.


Great valuable thing is utilities in industries like Chilling water ,Cooling water ,Hot water and also required some more valuable utilities (steam, Nitrogen and Hydrogen ) for process .Reactor automation is solution for minimize the wastage of these utilities.

SINGLE FLUID Heating Cooling System

A master solution for precious temperature controlling is single fluid system with utilities for the critical process.

TANK FORM Automation

Distribute the main process fluid from one tank to different plants and reactors manually is full, a lot of wastage to reduce or minimize the same Tank form automation is best.


Most of the process required PH maintaining .PH controlling is best solution for the same due to which PH maintaining can done easily.

SMS System

In industry Tripping and power failure is not so big issue but if we get a massage after that its a big solution .

Energy Monitoring

Power Saving is first thing for industry which can be done after a healthy indication and Energy monitoring is best solution for that.

FDC Automation

Fractional Distill Column is a power full automation and provides great benefit for the production which is major goal for us.