HVAC Instruments

TT/RH Sensor

The 3-wire TT/RH transmitter measures relative humidity and temperature in ventilation ducts. The transmitter combines easy installation and reliable operation with low requirement for maintenance.

The TT/RH transmitter is optimized for easy installation. It contains no separate small parts that can get lost All connectors are clearly labeled and the connectors are within easy reach. The transmitter is well suited to variable duct sizes.

The excellent stability of the sensors and high quality materials ensure that the TT/RH transmitter requires minimal maintenance. If needed, The sensor can be easily exchanged in the field with practically no downtime. Optional output parameters, dew point, wet bulb temperature or enthalpy selections can be easily changed with dip switches when the enclosure is open.

Air Velocity Sensor

This sensor is used to control the air velocity to a constant value, or to balance out pressure fluctuations (supply or extract air control), or to monitor the flow in air ducts. It primarily is used for modulating fan control in primary plants to set the basic volume flow.

It records the air velocity as a measured value and converts it to an active DC 0...10 V or 4…20 mA output signal. Three measuring ranges are available 0...5 m/s, 0...10 m/s, and 0...15 m/s.

The sensor measures a point, i.e., it measures the values at a specific location in the flow profile. For recording the mean air velocity in the duct, the sensor's immersion depth is the key measure. The immersion depth depends on the flow profile.

Differential Pressure Transmitter /Switches

Differential Pressure Transmitter combines the proven stable Hall Effect sensing technology of our original Series MS with additional features to reduce installation time and simplify ordering. In this second generation transmitter, we have added additional field selectable pressure ranges so that each model can have four selectable ranges along with four additional bidirectional ranges. When using the pluggable integral display or the portable remote display tool, both Metric and English engineering units can be selected via on board dip switches. Dual current and voltage outputs allow users to simultaneously take either a current or voltage output to their building controller and have a local test circuit for verification of the output reading. The voltage output can be selected to be either 0 to 5 VDC or 0 to 10 VDC, while the current is always 4 to 20 mA. Both the current and voltage output can also be inverted. The MS2 can also be ordered with either a BACnet® or MODBUS® Communications protocol output that will allow the transmitters to be daisy-chained together.


The thermo hygrometer is the premium choice for all those who do not wish to document and archive measuring data, but who wish to be able to measure and see the temperature and humidity and calculate and display the dew point whenever it is needed. The meter comes with a large, easy-to-read display that also allows you to see the readings from a distance.

we are offering the both minimum and maximum values and has an LED visual alarm that is activated when a threshold has been exceeded. Both the upper and the lower threshold can be individually configured.

The high-precision, long-term stable humidity sensor ensures that your easy-to-use, easy-to-clean measuring device can provide you with reliable readings for years to come.

Actuators for Dampers

Open Air - Air damper actuators for power and flexibility Building automation can only function correctly if each component in the system operates reliably and accurately. Damper actuators provide for outstanding reliability, precision-accurate operation and low power consumption. Compact air volume controllers work with high precision and allow for fast and simple parameterization. Benefits at a glance:

  1. Complete product range for any type of application
  2. Quick installation - low overall costs
  3. Rugged housing for added durability
  4. Motors with low noise level
  5. Certified production for high quality
  6. Fast delivery
  7. Best price / performance ratio