Indicators & Controllers

Temperature Controller

We are offering Indicators , LPI , Controllers of all shapes, sizes and costs. Choose from FLP / NFLP indicators , Loop Power Indicators , Auto-tune PID Controllers, ON-OFF Controllers, Programmable Temperature Controllers, Digital Temperature Controllers and Blind Temperature Controllers ( FLP and NFLP Enclosure ). We are offering Most of controllers have universal input and can interface with a wide array of field instruments and signals. We have also incorporated Time-Proportional Control our controllers, a form of pulse-width modulation that makes a ON-OFF or discrete actuator mimic a continuous actuator. As useful is sensor break indication; our controllers will indicate when the problem lies in the transmission of the sensor signal to our devices. Operators can easily make set point changes and program electromagnetic relays to heat, cool or trigger one of several alarms.

Process Analytics/Analyzers

Analyzers and transmitters for continuous process monitoring of pH, ORP, contacting conductivity, toroidal conductivity, dissolved oxygen, gaseous oxygen, chlorine, ozone, and turbidity are available with us of various makes , ranges and cost effective .

pH /ORP/ Conductivity Transmitter with sensor
  1. DO Analyzer
  2. BOD/COD/TOC/TSS Analyzer
  3. Dew Point Analyzer
  4. Chlorine Analyzer
  5. Stack Monitoring Analyzer
  6. Ozone Sensor
  7. LEL Sensors
  8. Hydrogen Sensor
  9. Oxygen Sensor